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Subject: Tears in my heart
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9362 12.02.13 - 09:45pm
How precious it is,the gift of a child,into this world,so gentle and mild,but society moulds them,to good or to bad,depending upon life experiences they've had *

9362 12.02.13 - 09:48pm
We pray they have smiles and lots of fun,worries and evil,we pray they have none,but there are children,through no fault of their own,who live on the streets with no real home *

9362 12.02.13 - 09:52pm
Exploited by adults,child labour is cheap,often no more then a dollar a week,then there are others,trapped in the s*x trade,degraded,tormented,alone and afraid,each time i see them,injustice leaves it's mark,and for each precious child,i cry tears in my heart *

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